For the Love of Taste

Get to know our premium-quality products for yourself

Committed to the very finest quality since 1925. Glocken-Beune’s sausage and ham specialities are produced using the finest ingredients, perfect craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.

And you can taste it. We use QS-certified meat only, and select the seasoning mixtures and spices we use with meticulous care.
So our products are anything but ‘just sausage’. Get to know our Beune’s Best, Ravensberger Land, Ready to Snack and Bacon ranges for yourself.

So what is it that makes Glocken-Beune sausage so special?

Premium quality is no coincidence. We pride ourselves on using only select, premium-quality raw ingredients in our products, adding fine seasonings and carefully selected spice mixtures to give them their typical flavour. The quality of our products is constantly monitored by independent laboratories, so that we can guarantee both food safety and excellent taste.

Even the ingredients our products do not contain are a mark of the quality of a good Glocken-Beune sausage! Our products are for example free of added starch, yeast extract, hydrogenated fats, enzymes, thickening agents and colourings. Glocken-Beune: simple, good meat products you can rely on.

Our sausage and ham lines have products to suit all tastes and occasions. Our premium range Beune’s Best includes the finest ‘Gold’ quality smoked topside of beef, smoked beef, our gourmet smoked rolled fillet of ham, and our traditional Deelenwurst sausage, smoked in a cotton casing.

Ravensberger Land is our home region. And it is hardly surprising that we have named our traditional country sausage and ham range Ravensberger Land, because lovers of traditional hearty sausage specialities will always find what they are looking for here. The range includes farm-style cold meats, air-dried mettwurst sausage, turkey salami, garlic sausage, and our seasonal asparagus ham.

For trendsetters: Our Ready to Snack sausage range is already extensive, and we continue to add to it. Our salami and cabanossi specialities will never go out of fashion. They come with a variety of seasonings, from classic to spicy hot or exotic – with nutmeg, for example. Fans of our Ready to Snack products will find them here. Our Bacon range is also very popular. Bacon is of course an essential in every good kitchen. We offer the right bacon for any dish, so why not get to know our wide range of bacon products for yourself?