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Smoked Beef


Garlic Sausage

Smoked Beef ‘Gold’

Gourmet Smoked Rolled Fillet of Ham

Smoked Beef ‘Gold’

Turkey Salami

Air-Dried Mettwurst Sausage

Asparagus Ham

Farmhouse Cold Cut

Salami Chips Classic

Salami Chips Garlic

Salami Chips Pepper & Nutmeg

Salami Chips Truffle-Flavoured

Salami Chips Hot Chilli

Salami Chips Jalapeño

XXL Salami Snacks Classic

XXL Beef Salami Snacks

Salami Chips Air-dried

Snack Cabanossi


Peppery Ham Sausages

XXL Mettwurst Sausage

Mini-Salami Snacks

Mini-Salami Snacks

Mini-Salami Snacks

Breakfast Bacon

Bacon Strips

Crispy Bacon

English-Style Bacon

Belly of Pork