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Smoked beef carpaccio with rocket

Potato pancake with sour cream and strips of smoked rolled fillet of ham

Rice dish with Glocken-Beune Deelenwurst Sausage and courgette

Aubergine, courgette and smoked rolled fillet of ham roulade

Cream of broccoli and vegetable soup
with Glocken-Beune Smoked Beef

Lentil salad with vegetables

Pasta salad with tomatoes,
Glocken-Beune Turkey Salami

Rigatoni all’amatriciana with
Glocken-Beune Air-Dried Mettwurst Sausage

Smoky bacon pasta

Baked beans with bacon and egg

Egg on toasted rolls with bacon

Bean soup with
bacon and pear

Stir-fried vegetables with bacon

Bacon tart with egg