Our Guiding Principles

The Glocken-Beune company principles form the basis of a corporate culture that has evolved steadily since 1925.

They define how we do business, and they set the standards for a common added value. We affirm our economic significance with our avowed intention also to create added value for society. We can achieve our aims only if we live according to our principles and are able to defend them successfully against disruptive influences.

1. Health and Wellbeing
By complying with the strict regulations and laws governing foods and food production, as well as with dietary recommendations, we aim to maintain people’s quality of life.

2. Quality Assurance/Product Safety

The name Glocken-Beune stands as a guarantee to our customers of the safety and high quality of our products.

3. Advertising/Data/Marketing

By providing the consumers with honest and trustworthy information about our company and products, we ensure long-term reliability. This reliability extends to the confidential handling of personal data, which we use only within the framework of the prevailing legal regulations and with the consent of our customers.

4. Employee Management and Responsibility

Our employees are the core of our competence. They are well qualified, highly motivated, and the basis of our success. We offer continuous training and further education opportunities. Our employees are prepared to take responsibility for the work they do.

5. Occupational Safety

We attach great importance to safety in the workplace, in order to prevent injury, illness and accidents.

6. Supplier and Customer Relations

We expect our suppliers, intermediaries and subcontractors to comply with the quality guidelines outlined in our company philosophy. We are committed to our consumers.

7. Ecology and Sustainability

We work in compliance with the latest standards in environmentally friendly production. All of the waste water resulting from our production is treated and returned to the production process. Thanks to this modern water management system, we are able to make a major contribution towards securing the water supply at our site.